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Growing up in my dad’s garage, I was surrounded by fascinating jigs and gadgets. Any problem that needed fixing, he had a way of creating a solution that was out of the box and, yet, simple. Watching him tinker in his workspace instilled the importance of functionality and pride in my future creations.

Several years later I purchased my first tool, a compact router. On a tight budget and a lot of free time, I decided to make several hand-made plaques for my (huge) family. An endeavor that was pretty advanced for my first project! I was challenged, humbled, and determined to seek improvement and growth. Since then, I’ve added plenty of tools to my collection and went through lots of Youtube videos (I mean LOTS of Youtube videos).

As for Umudyok Designs, it was simple. I wanted to tie in my culture and intention through my creations. Umudyok translates to motivate in a dialect native to the Philippines. I chose "motivate" because that’s where this entire journey started for me. I saw my dad build and create until he was satisfied with the result. Observing him persevere through the ups and downs of building, motivated me to pursue my passion and my hope is to motivate others to do the same

DISCLAIMER: I may not be an expert woodworker but I'm committed to making to the best of my ability and continuously seek learning opportunities. If you’re interested in learning, I can surely recommend some great educational resources and/or Youtube tutorials to get you started!

Your friendly neighborhood wood(t)worker,


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